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2、请填写准考证号后6位: ____________

I.  Term translation. (Total 10 points)

Part A  Translate the following terms into Chinese. (5 points, 1 point each)

1. Bilateral interpreting     2. Creative treason        3. Metatext

4. Service translation       5. Prospective translation

Part B  Translate the following terms into English. (5 points, 1 point each)

1. 见习译员 2. 应用翻译 3. 语际翻译 4. 序列翻译  5. 文本对等 


II. Sentence Translation. (Total 40 points)

 Part A  Translate the following sentences into Chinese. (20 points5 points each)

1. The relatives of the missing can still be spotted at bus stations or outside Red Cross offices.

2. Energy is needed for the reaction and it is supplied by the light of the sun.

3. What measures have been or are being adopted by the local government to reduce air pollution?

4. Metals are deliberately mixed to produce hundreds of new substances with desirable qualities not otherwise available.

 Part B  Translate the following sentences into English. (20 points5 points each)

1.      只有改革创新,才能促进经济社会的快速发展。

2.      必须指出,有些问题还待澄清。

3.      中国的陆地自然资源人均占有量低于世界平均水平。

4.      夜里可是比白天温和多了,夜的城市不管怎么说,也不像白天那么狰狞、凶恶,那么嘈杂、猥琐。


III.  Translate the following passage into Chinese. (50 points)

What is the nature of the scientific attitude, the attitude of the man or woman who studies and applies physics, biology, chemistry, geology, engineering, medicine or any other science? We all know that science plays an important role in the societies in which we live. Many people believe, however, that our progress depends on two different aspects of science. The first of these is the application of the machines, products and systems of applied knowledge that scientists and technologists develop. Through technology, science improves the structure of society and helps man to gain increasing control over his environment.

The second aspect is the application by all members of society of the special methods of thought and action that scientists use in their work. What are these special methods of thinking and acting? It seems that a successful scientist is full of curiosity ---he wants to find out how and why the universe works. He usually directs his attention towards problems which he notices have no satisfactory explanation, and his curiosity makes him look for underlying relationships even if the data available seem to be unconnected. Moreover, he thinks he can improve the existing conditions and enjoys trying to solve the problems which this involves.


IV.  Translate the following passage into English. (50 points)


忆往昔,岁月峥嵘,几多磨难;看今朝,成就卓著,屡创辉煌;望未来,豪情满怀,前途无量。我们坚信: 五中在崭新的起跑线上,将高歌猛进,奋然前行。


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