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Section A

  Dialogue Communication(10 minutes, 10 points, 1 for each)

  section a dialogue completion

  directions: in this section, you will read 5 short incomplete dialogues between two speakers, each followed by 4 choices a, b,c and d. choose the best answer that best suits the situation to complete the dialogue by marking the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring answer sheet.

  1. a : could you install this equipment for me?

  b: ___________________

  a. come on, don‘t you see i’m busy now?

  b. unless you can help me with my computer.

  c. it‘s very heavy. it’ll be ok if you can find another hand.

  d. if i were you, i would do it myself.

  2. a: martin, congratulations on your winning such a great award.

  b: ______________________

  a. oh, do you really think so?

  b. all the honor should go to my colleagues.

  c. you know, i have stayed up very late recently.

  d. i have great confidence to win this time.

  3. a. do you know what happen to jack?

  b: i don‘t care what happen to him.

  a: ________________________

  a. i know you feel ill of him, but he failed in the driving test again.

  b. i know you are fed up with him, but he is still fine.

  c. oh, you shouldn‘t look up to him.

  d. i know you feel sick of hearing his name, but he was seriously injured in the car accident.

  4 a. the phone bill was $160 this month. someone must have made several international calls

  without keeping me informed.

  b: _____________________

  a. wow, i don‘t know you are such a stingy person.

  b. you mean i did it when you were absent?

  c. i‘m sorry, mrs. jones. i forgot to tell you that i called my girlfriend in italy a couple of times.

  d. it‘s none of my business. but i guess it’s ted who did it, because he has a girlfriend in france.

  5 a: what do you think i should dress for the reception?

  b: ___________________

  a. oh, just come as you are.

  b. do you really need to dress up yourself.

  c. really? you will join the reception?

  d. coat and tie, i‘m sure.

  section b

  directions: in this section, you will read 5 short conversations between a man and a woman. at the end of conversation there is a question followed by 4 choices marked a,b,c and d. choose the best answer to the question by marking the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring answer sheet.

  6. m: mary, i bought an old vase for $10, but it turned out to be 500 years old.

  w: you‘ve gotta be kidding. it must be imitation.

  q: what does the woman mean?

  a. the man is cracking a joke on her.

  b. it is impossible to buy a genuine antique for so little money.

  c. the man is out of his mind about the old vase.

  d. the man is run into a great fortune.

  7. w: hey, frank, you look upset. is it the problem with the project?

  m: yeah, i can‘t come up with the solution.

  q: what‘s wrong with the man?

  a. he can‘t find a good idea about the problem.

  b. he feels hopeless about the project.

  c. he has encountered another problem.

  d. he is going to give up the project.

  8. m: can you come over for dinner tonight?

  w: i‘m up to my ears in works, so i’ll have to take a rain check.

  q. what does the woman mean?

  a. she wants to check the weather before deciding.

  b. she has a problem with her hearing.

  c. she‘d enjoy coming to dinner another time.

  d. she wants the man to help her with some work.

  9. m: i‘ve got a c on the biology test. so i have to talk to the professor to change it.

  w: that will give you nowhere. the only thing you can do is to do it better next time.

  q: what does the woman mean?

  a. it‘s useless to talk to the professor.

  b. the professor is often unfair.

  c. the man has done well enough.

  d. the man can‘t be better next time.

  10.m: i can‘t put up with josef at the meeting. it was an insult to me.

  w: but you should be outspoken about this.

  q what is the woman‘s suggestion?

  a. the man should not say things like that.

  b. the man should fight back.

  c. the man should show his anger openly.

  d: the man should not complain openly.



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